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Christina Metaxa was born on 4th April 1992, in the island of Cyprus. She grew up in a loving family of 6, with three brothers always surrounding her with quiet mischief and a far-reaching love.

Christina was always fond of storytelling; even when she practically could not read. “I remember myself holding the Cervantes storybook (upside down) —and demanding that my pre-school pal stopped crying for her guardian and just listened to me “reading” her the story”.

Christina began writing her first storybook for children at the age of 13, Snakey No-Brainkey, the story of a snake who refused to go to school and dreamed instead of great, far-off adventures in the outer galaxy. The journey of Snakey took off with its publication in 2009 and travel to pre-schools, primary schools and the National library, through interactive presentations by the author. Christina continued with poetry, with her very first poem receiving an award from the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in 2004 and her heart receiving a most stunning feeling of discovery and wonder upon writing her very first verse: “ It was a dream , quite literally, a dream come true: a poem written in the daze of morning sunlight.”

Christina continued to pursue a degree in Literary Arts (Creative Writing) and French studies at Brown University, USA where she studied French philosophy and English literature, translation, linguistics, history of art and performance. She was particularly drawn to the comparative literature courses as well as to the creative writing workshops where she discovered her natural gravitation towards rhythm and internal rhyme, even when she was seeking to write prose. While at Brown, Christina completed her final thesis with Honors, producing a long narrative ode to woman, which she hopes to complete and publish in the years to come.

Upon her return to Cyprus, after spending a semester abroad studying at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Christina pursued her MA in Teaching French and started her first job as a teacher of French language and later as a teacher of English language and literature.

In her own time, she writes. She sings. She sings her song.  



• Original poems in Greek, The Younger Cypriot poets and poetesses (1981-2001) ΟΙ ΝΕΟΤΕΡΟΙ, Κύπριοι ποιητές και ποιήτριες (1981-2001) (CY,2020).

• An honorable woman, letter (CY,2020)

• ‘Prayer', an original poem, In focus literary magazine (CY, 2020)

• ‘Aretē', an original poem, Synecdoche literary journal (USA, 2015)  

• Translation of Claire Angelidou’s poetry, Aldus journal of translation (USA, 2015)

• Translation of a Cypriot lullaby, 'Ayia Marina', Aldus journal of translation (USA, 2014)

• Φιδάκης Αμυαλάκης, Snakey No-Brainkey (CY, 2009) 

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